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Nature makes us. We do not make Nature.

Romance With Infinity

"No, not all knowledge is power. Why know things that are good for nothing ?"

'The world is not the actions of wo/men. It is a commom misconception to confuse the actions of wo/men with the world. The actions of wo/men are shields that protect us from unfathomable and inconprehensible forces that surround us all, simply because of the fact that we are alive. The world is everything that surround us: water, air, light, earth, plants, animals, stars, galaxies, life and death. The world is an endless mystery and we will never be able to explain it.'

"There are worlds after worlds right here in front of our own eyes for us to enter and live in. Worlds where we can live in, use, act and die just like we do in this one. Each one of us has the capacity to perceive them."

"Here, surrounding us, is eternity itself. To engage in reducing it to a manageable nonsense is petty and outright disastrous."

'We are beings who are going to die, and that at any moment face an inevitable, sudden and inexorable end. Therefore, before engaging on any action or endeavour, we should first ask the question: What could a being who is going to die do that is important ? What ?! The answer should be obvious: absolutely nothing ! That realization should also deal a mortal blow to wo/men's arch-enemy: self-importance.'

And that's in a nutshell where the man and women who lived thousands of years in central Mexico in ancient times started their journey towards knowledge and power, long before the arrival of the Europeans and their invasion of the Americas. Those men and women came to the realization that the world we live in is just one out of an infinty of parallel worlds, layered as in the skins of an onion, 10,000 years before modern quantum physics and string theory proposed the hypothetical concept of multiverses albeit whitout proposing any practical means of entering them.

The key to enter into any of those worlds is a feat of perception that any and every human being has the inherent ability to and can accomplish, albeit thru a great deal of discipline and personal struggle. The practical methods to accomplish this feat of perception are neither mysterious nor complicated, although the results are mysterious and inconceivable.

For reasons that will become clear, humans have been prevented to enter into those worlds, especially in the case of 'modern' wo/men. Those reasons are neither good nor bad, they are part of a process of socialization that was imposed on us by alien forces that are also part of the unfathomable, mysterious universe we live in.

In order for 'modern' wo/man to survive, the social basis of perception has to change.

The current social basis of perception considers ours to be a world of matter first, and then energy. Our ancient fellow human beings realization was that first, ours is a world of energy, than matter. The energy to matter conversion is achieved thru a sophisticated system of interpretation we call socialization.

If we consider a world of matter first, than we will never be able to perceive energy directly as it flows in the universe, as energy automatically becomes solid objects. The process of socialization effectly prevents the perception of energy, effectively blocking out any other avenues we have at our disposal to utilize and benefit from the inconceivable possibilities of perception and awareness that human beings inherently possess.

Changing the 'social basis of perception' has an even greater relevance and urgency as we insanely contemplate the end and the extinction of our own human species in our own lifetime due to climate change, global warming, catastrophic loss of biodiversity and inevitable collapse of all bio-supporting regenerative systems of the Earth, our only planet, on which we humans beings exclusively depend on to conduct our daily activities.

This awesome ancient narrative has miraculously survived the murderous ravages and American genocide committed by the recent invasion of the Americas by the Europeans. It forms the path for humanity to reclaim its own magical heritage, find focus, purpose and achieve total freedom to perceive everything that is humanly possible to perceive without obsession or morbidity.

If anyone knows a better way, I would like to know about it.

Chronological order of the writings of Carlos Castaneda, PhD, a fellow Bruin, Anthropology Doctorate by the University of California Los Angeles.

The teachings of Don Juan (1968)

A separate reality (1971)

Journey to Ixtlan (1973)

Tales of power (1975)

The second ring of power (1977)

The eagle's Gift (1981)

- The fire from Within (1984)

'The Fire from Within' is about three topics:

The mastery of the 'awareness of being,'

The 'mastery of stalking,' ie, how to maintain the assembly point in one position, and

The 'mastery of intent,' the central force that permeates all things in the universe.



I. The New Seers

II. The Petty Tyrants

III. The Eagle Emanations

IV. The Luminous Egg

V. First Attention

VV. The Inorganic Beings

VII. The Assembly Point

VIII. The Position of the Assembly Point

IX. The Downward Movement

X. The Great Bands Of Emanations

XI. Stalking, Intent And Dreamlike Position

XII. The Nagual Julian

XIII. The Push Of The Earth

XIV. The Rolling Force

XV. The Death Challengers

XVI. The Mold of Man

XVII. The Dream Body

XVIII. Break the Barrier of Perception

Orden cronológico de los escritos de Carlos Castaneda, Doctorado en Antropologia por la Universidad de California Los Angeles.

- Las enseñanzas de Don Juan 1968

- Una realidad aparte 1971

- Viaje a Ixtlán 1973

- Relatos de poder 1975

- El segundo anillo de poder 1977

- El don del águila 1981

- El fuego interno 1984

- El conocimiento silencioso 1987

- El arte de ensoñar 1993

- El silencio interno 1996

- El lado activo del infinito 1998

- Pases mágicos 1999

- La rueda del tiempo 2000

Ser en el ensueno - Florina Donner

Donde cruzan los brujos - Taisha Abelar

El Fuego Interno

La maestria de como estar 'Consciente de Ser', como lograr la 'Maestría del Acecho', y la 'Maestría del Intento.'



I. Los Nuevos Videntes

II. Los Pinches Tiranos

III. Las Emanaciones Del Águila

IV. El Resplandor Del Huevo Luminoso

V. La Primera Atención

VV. Los Seres Inorgánicos

VII. El Punto De Encaje

VIII. La Posición Del Punto De Encaje

IX. El Movimiento Hacia Abajo

X. Las Grandes Bandas De Emanaciones

XI. Acecho, Intento Y La Posición De Ensueño

XII. El Nagual Julian

XIII. El Levantón De La Tierra

XIV. La Fuerza Rodante

XV. Los Desafiantes De La Muerte

XVI. El Molde Del Hombre

XVII. El Viaje Del Cuerpo De Ensueño

XVIII. Romper La Barrera De La Percepción Contact Us