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ISE - Institute for Sustainable Engineering  

Nepal American Sustainability

Prof. Dr. Tony Pereira - UCLA MAE PhD

Dr. Tony has been involved with engineering students from several prominent universities

in Nepal in many areas related to engineering sustainability.

Dave Shrestha is a Mechanical Engineer with a B.Sc.

from Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering,

Pulchowk Campus, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal,

an Energy Auditor, and an expert in energy and sustainability.

His work experience is in Operations and Management of Diesel Generators,

Compact Secondary substations (CSS), Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants, Chillers,

Heat Pumps, Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Fan Coil Units (FCU),

and Cooling Towers.

Dave was an engineer with Solar Energy Systems, the company that pioneered

the field of renewable solar thermal technology in Nepal.

He designed solar water heater systems, and supervised field installations.

He has carried out feasibility studies and proposal writing of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

for industrial and residential hot water applications.

Solar Driers are used to conserve food for off-season use, storage,

or sale in the local farmers markets. They can be easily built with

local non-toxic materials, and do not require the use of fossil fuels - oil, natural gas, or coal -,

nuclear energy, or any other green house gas generating source of energy.

Nutrients are conserved in a large percentage, and almost any type

of food can be preserved. Both food, nutrients, color and taste keep

well for extended periods of time.

This type of parabolic collector can be used to concentrate the energy of the sun

to very high temperatures suitable to boil water to produce steam, that in turn can be used

to generate electricity in a Rankine or Stirling cycle.

No fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, nuclear energy or any other type

of green house generating gas is required for its operation. Construction can be done locally using

local resources, local materials and local labor, all supporting the local and autonomous economy. Contact Us




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