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ISE - Institute for Sustainable Engineering  


We are a multi- and interdisciplinary, free-forming collaborative group of global engineers, architects, scientists and First Nations Native Americans who have the expertise and know-how to design, engineer, build or retrofit eco-sustainable environments of any scale from the ground up, from single family dwellings to cities to entire countries, in a integral closed loop, utilizing locally available renewable resources that constitute and are indispensable to maintain life support - air, water, light, food, energy, shelter, biodiversity and education. Our designs do not exceed the carrying capacity of the local environment, and maintain the lowest possible ecological human footprint per capita.

Our mission is:

- to create a world class Center of Excellence dedicated to the research & development of engineering solutions required to build a sustainable society.

- to actively research and find appropriate engineering solutions to combat and reverse global warming.

- to support engineering research students, graduates, post-docs and visiting scholars in the areas of sustainability.

- to research, design, engineer and build an appropriate sustainability model that supports and maintains life on the planet.

- to research and find safe and non-toxic alternatives that completely eliminate the pollution of air, water and food.

- to develop, nurture and foster partnerships and alliances with the greatest living individuals, researchers, scientists, engineers, educators, organizations & universities worldwide working together for the realization of a sustainable future for all of humankind, giving due respect to soil, water, air, light, biodiversity and all life forces that make all of us, and make our existence possible.




Mission Statememt
Leaders of Engineering Sustainability and Science Mission Statement.

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