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Bolivia GMO Free

Please join Bolivia GMO Free Coalition in solidarity by supporting and sharing the coalition's May 8 2017 Press Release on your websites, social media and include with your mailing lists.

Bolivia GMO Free http://bolivialibredetransgenicos.blogspot.com/ is a grassroots coalition of citizens, indigenous communities, consumer rights groups, farmers, organizations and scientist that fight against the import, cultivation and consumption of genetically engineered organisms (also known as GMOs) in our fields and in our food.

Its purpose is to raise awareness about the illegal entry of GMOs in Bolivia and warn about the consequences that these, together with pesticides, are generating harm to the health of the people and its environment, as well as the destruction of Bolivia;s traditional agrarian systems.

It also denounces the relationship between the powers of the state and the biotechnology industry and the pre-positioning of economic interests before the health of people, Mother Earth and rural communities.

Join Us!

Please find press release attached below.

Corn is Our Heritage. Saving Seeds is Our Right!

Jallalla Maiz!


Bolivia GMO Free

Press Release [PDF]

Scientists Testing for Illegal GM Maize Found Growing in Bolivia



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