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ISE - Institute for Sustainable Engineering  



LESS - Leaders in Engineering Sustainability and Science

"Congratulations on your endeavor. True education on sustainability and ecological design is still in [extremely] short supply in our universities and what you're doing should reap excellent long term benefits."

Fred Stitt, Architect - Director, San Francisco Institute of Architecture - Berkeley Institute of Ecological Design

"I heartily support the intent and mission of Leaders of Engineering Sustainability and Science. Efforts like these must begin now, not just at UCLA but in many places, to map out humanity's future on our world. It is the only sensible, and moral, thing to do."

Ted Scambos, Glaciologist, Lead Scientist - National Snow and Ice Data Center - CIRES - University of Colorado, Boulder.

"The 21st century is is the century of design. LESS can help mobilize engineers to reimagine "business as usual" and lay the foundation for a prosperous, just and sustainable world."

Eban Goodstein, Professor of Economics - Lewis & Clark College - Portland, Oregon - www.lclark.edu/~eban

"Creating real and lasting solutions to the multitude of problems facing our planet will take passion and commitment from all disciplines. LESS is a talented and committed group of engineers dedicated to creating a better world for all of life."

K. Mulville, U.C. Santa Cruz.

"As an educator, I know that the enormous challenge of building a sustainable world cannot be met without major universities such as UCLA taking a leading role in the sustainable engineering and development effort. I applaud the establishment of Leaders of Engineering Sustainability and Science and its noble mission to improve the future of all humankind."

Brenda Guertin, L.A. Harbor College - Articulation Officer

"I am very much hopeful for good works to come from the Leaders of Engineering Sustainability and Science. It was not until I got to know Dr. Tony Pereira that I became comfortable with the concept of engineering our way towards sustainability."

Jan Lundberg - Petroleum Industry Analyst - Musician - Founder, Culture Change - Former Publisher, Lundberg Survey -Former Publisher, Auto-Free Times Magazine - Originator, Sail Transport Network.

"...there should be a Planet Saving Design School PhD that would focus on all aspects of community development... from high tech circuit design and solid state down to alternative building and organic agriculture...this focus on specialization turns us all into paper pushers."

David Rick, M.S. Physics, U Missouri, Kansas.



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