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ISE - Institute for Sustainable Engineering

Kilimanjaro Sustainability Alliance

Dr. Tony Pereira - UCLA ME PhD


Eng. Cathbert Ayo - Environmental Engineering

University of Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Director of Projects - WCB Consult, Ltd.


The Kilimanjaro Sustainability Alliance aims to develop a Center of Excellence for Sustainability education and research in the heart of Africa. This Sustainability Center will demonstrate what is possible to accomplish by providing a sustainable/ecological/social/economic solution to Arusha, a small village just outside of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The area has been devastated in a rapid cycle of cascading environmental effects resulting from global warming and climate change. The glaciers at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro have all but disapperared in a period of just a few decades, threatning to extinction the amazingly, unique in the world rich biodiversity of the area, drying up the watershed, and putting at serious risk the livelihoods of the countless villages, plants, animals and peoples on the surrounding valleys below.

"Turning around environmentally destructive lifestyles of the community that has been living that way for quite a long time 'beyond my age' to environmentally friendly lifestyles is not an easy task." (Cathbert Ayo, Masai)

The main reason behind the above statement is that “...most of the un-environmentally friendly ways of living of the general population are simply just LIVE AS YOU WISH and CONSIDER YOURSELF PROVIDED FOR.” (Cathbert Ayo, Masai - literal quote, unedited )

Another good explaining reason of why eco friendly ways of living are hard to attain is because they are attached to economic situations. Those appear as feasible ways of living that, when used, they can rise/provide for the economic needs albeit forgetting the fact that the next generations will have to rely on the same resources.

"Nambala village is my home village, where I was born and raised. It is located in the Arumeru district, Arusha Region in Tanzania. It is geographically very close to both Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains. The Village is native to mostly the Meru tribe (The tribe named after the Meru Mountain) while other tribes co-exist as well in smaller numbers." (Cathbert Ayo, Masai)

The project will establish a community to further develop self-reliance, autonomy from unsustainable inputs such as fuels, diesel, chemicals, pesticides, and provide jobs, nourishing food and education, while fostering long time ancestral traditions of respect for the environment and Mother Earth.

The satellite image shows the rough boundaries of the village.


The pilot house has two units one for cows and the other for dairy goats. Sometimes the cows are taken outside for grazing. The mud building between the cows and goats structures is a kitchen. The heap of soil just after the cows structure is pit excavation works for the 6 m3 biogas plant.


The Kitchen inside. Currently the family is cooking by either firewood and/or maize cobs “Magunzi” as seen in the picture. If the biogas plant will be successful, the family will be free from smoke problem as seen in the picture.

The new biodigestor with the final coating on and ready for startup.

Firing up the gas stove in the kitchen with the new fresh batch of gas coming out of the new biodigester. The kitchen now is clean of fumes and smoke, a much healthier and better option.

"Got to see some of these local industries for making burnt bricks....there are plenty of these in villages here. The trees you see in the pics are acacia spp naturally growing in the area for years.... for this particular village it is roughly estimated that 5 acacia trees are cut down for bricks making everyday. Bad enough there is no any running tree planting program to replace the cut ones. The village currently suffers from decreasing flows from natural springs. We drilled two boreholes and both were almost dry very little flow rates as low as 1.8 m3/hr. Things are getting very difficult here with every passing day." (Cathbert Ayo, Masai)

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