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ISE - Institute for Sustainable Engineering  

Indo American Sustainability


• We are a non profit alliance whose objectives are to promote social responsibility towards a sustainable planet.

• We aim to build powerful partnerships with all the organizations working towards developing the sustainable living of the people.


Sharing common knowledge for a sustainable growth across the two countries, thereby implementing feasible activities for sustainable living.

• Building Sustainable Communities – eco friendly communities using natural resources

• Health and Safety - to ensure the health and safety of our communities, air, water and soil

• Environment - to minimize adverse impacts while taking steps to protect and enhance the natural environment

• People – train tomorrow’s leaders in teamwork skills and running socially responsible projects (SRPs) and activities


Sharing of vital information of development activities carried out in both countries and implement feasible activities.

Increase the scope of new, best and improved methods for carrying out development activities towards sustainable development.

Improve human bonds and human relations between the two nations. Sharing of development events conducted in both nations will keep the alliance active and will help motivate the people in both nations.

Major Activities

• Educational assistance programs to schools

• Awareness on environment

• Education on renewable energy applications

• Enabling sanitation facilities in the neighborhood

• Support for water supply projects

• Support to government hospitals/ public health care

• Construction of infrastructure

• Organic agriculture and family farm based support

• Awareness on HIV/ AIDS

• Support for street lighting

• Public Awareness programs support for public libraries







Mission Statememt
Institute for Sustainable Engineering - Mission Statement.

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Current Events
Reports of current happenings.

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