ISE - Institute for Eco-Sustainable Engineering
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ISE - Institute for Sustainable Engineering
High Desert Sustainability

Dr. Tony Pereira - UCLA MAE PhD

For several years now, we started efforts on our own and with others to introduce and promote sustainability in and around the Coachella Valley and its cities, in collaboration with many local agencies public and private, and organizations. What follows is an account of recent activities.

Yolanda Rustad - Living Eco-Wise, LLC

Cathy Romero - Living Eco-Wise, LLC

Energy Audits - Wheaterization - Home Performance Retrofits

Professional Contractor Training Program & Community Outreach Network

Desert Building Performance Alliance

Cabot Museum - Earth Day 2010

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Mission Statememt
Leaders in Engineering Sustainability and Science - Mission Statement.

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Current Events
Report of current happenings.

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