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ISE - Institute for Sustainable Engineering
Coalition of the Willing

Let's build a 'Coalition of the Willing' globally engaged in the transition to an eco-sustainable society.

Our efforts and lifelong work have been to build consensus, foster unity and participation in combating global warming runaway, biodiversity and ecosystems collapse, and climate meltdown have been and continue to be focused on an holistic approach with three main goals:

One: Form 'Coalitions Of The Willing' and actively search for partnerships and/or collaborations to build eco-sustainable research centers, communities, eco-villages, education, training centers, schools, colleges and universities following an integral eco-sustainable design approach as in the paper 'Integral' Unesco winner below.

Otherwise, anyone building one of those on their own goes a long way in reducing the carbon and global footprints, in addition to addressing many other issues. The paper 'Integral' below has all the technical details needed, please use the email contact below if further help is needed.

Two: Create a multi- inter- trans-disciplinary 'College of Integal Eco-Sustainability' starting with kindergarten and continuing all the way to PhD graduate level. See the paper below 'Revolution.'

Three: Build integral eco-sustainable local economies, toxic free, GMO and transgenics free, plastic & nuclear/fossil fuel free, see the paper below 'Transition'.

Here's the links for the papers, free for education/scholar use. Please read and study them carefully as they are much more than just an introduction, they are in fact a practical, pragmatic, hands on, 'roll up your sleeves and get to work now' proposition and an invitation for transition and change to an eco-sustainable society.

Integral: An example among many on how engineering can and should be used to create integral eco-sustainable communities, environments, cities, anywhere on Earth: Integral

Transition: How to navigate the socio-economic-political puzzle: Transition

Revolution:The direction education should be going: Revolution

If the above sets all the church bells on fire, let's get started !

Please feel free to forward the above links to anyone who might have an interest or is active studying/researching these issues.

Looking forward to working together as we need very, very many multitudes !

Please email to the contact email below if you would like to add your name and join this growing list of names.

We realize that not all of us on Earth see global warming and climate change as an eminent threat to loss of biodiversty as something to worry about or global warming runaway as an extinction danger, among countless other life and death threats to our permance on the planet.

The ones who do, the 'choir,' let's start with us and form a world coalition of the free passionately dedicated to the relentless pursuit towards the transition to a eco-sustainable society. Numbers and actions count.

Anyone can add his/her name at any time, or withdraw it at any time. We need multitudes: poets, engineers, musicians, politicians, writers, actors, farmers, bankers, thinkers, ecologists, film makers, economists, lawyers, architects, teachers, scientists, clerics, physicians, sociologists, anyone, young or old.

We will freely exchange information, project ideas, where opportunities or resources can be found, successes and errors, with the dedication, love and whatever support intent in moving as fast as possible into an eco-sustainable society. We have 10 years or less.

We are dedicated to solar energy thermal or pv, organic food, regenerative agriculture, passive solar design buildings and homes, rainwater collection, natural health, biodiversity, greywater systems, compost toilets, restoring the bio-nutrient cycle, elimination of the use of fossil fuels, pollution, synthetic chemicals, plastics, patents on life, gmo's, nuclear energy and war.

Let's win. It's more fun !

Email us to add your name, (profession), city, country. Let's have one billion by the end of the year ... or more. Contact Us

Prof. Dr. Tony Pereira, Fulbright Scholar, UCLA ME PhD, Climate Reality Leader, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Lars Regge, European Energy Manager (CCI), Frankfurt and Main, Germany.

Katja Speck, Pres. Digital Market Expert, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Robert Mejia, Pres. EtherWorks Media, Desert Hot Springs, CA, USA.

Marilyn Crenshaw, Green Master Architect, Green MBA, ARCSA, LEED, Taos, NM, USA.

Prof. Dr. Federico Butera, Architect, Milano Polythecnic, Italy.

Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim, Teacher, Ghana, Africa.

Prof. Abdelrehim Ahmed Ali, Prof. Agronomy - Plant Breeding, Agronomy Dep., Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal Univ. Ismailia, Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Gabriela Hancz, University of Debrecen, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Hungary.





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