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A S A - Andean Sustainability AllianceSM

Dr. Tony Pereira - UCLA ME PhD

Founder, CSO - Chief Sustainability Officer

Eng. José Carlos Alania Agüero

Computer Science Researcher. Working on ASA version of LZW Algorithm for compression.

Bachellor of Science, Information Technology Engineering, PUCP - Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru, Lima, Peru.

Postgraduate studies in Business, Project Management and Mechatronics Engineering.

Cofounder and CEO of Transfer Knowledge and Experience, SAC.

Cofounder of ASA - Andean Sustainability Alliance.

Project: Biodigestors and organic technologies in Perú's Tarma Huínco Area, sponsored by Tarma Huínco Association in New York City, New York.

A biodigestor is a 'compost' system that takes in organic matter, biomass, human waste, cow and animal manure or a combination thereof, and does an anaerobic fermentation to produce methane, a combustible gas, that can be used for lighting, heating, cooking, or energy production in an internal combustion engine or turbine.

The biosolids at the end are an excellent fertilizer that can be used to build, restore nutrients to, amend and improve the fertility of soil and crops. In all, a very complete, efficient and environmental friendly process.

Working prototype in one small farm South of Lima, Peru. Biogas is produced from animal waste, which in turn is also used to generate electric energy from the biogas. The whole farm is working now with this biogas system. The next step in this project is to apply the same solution to a bigger area to benefit more than 1000 farmers. This prototype system is currently in operation.

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Engineer Ulises Moreno.

State of the Project.

We are working in partnership with BIOAGRICULTURA CASABLANCA owned by Engineer Ulises Moreno ( see photo ). This project is 100% finished. It produces biogas from animal waste. The process is based on chemical principles. The result is biogas for kitchen cooking and light. We are working is apply this technology and experience to different areas in Peru, in the Peruvian central jungle, where another partner organization is working with us, the ASOCIACION TARMA HUINCO, based out of New York.

The partners in this project are:

1. Transfer Knowledge & Experience Institute ( We have a team of researchers )

2. The Institute for Sustainable EngineeringSM

3. Asociacion Tarma Huinco ( Fundraiser in New York City)

4. BioAgricultura CasaBlanca ( On site expertise and support)

5. Exchange Belgium . This international organization provides all types of professional experts to the project at no cost.

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