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Solar Ambulance
Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA ME PhD - Chief Sustainability Advisor

Corbin Morvant and Christian Miley are Senior High Schools students at Harmony Science Academy (HSA) in Beaumont, Texas. HSA is a science, engineering and technology oriented college preparatory charter school. One of HSA student's goals this year is to qualify for the International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, and Environment Project Olympiad. (ISWEEEP).

Last year 70 countries were represented at ISWEEEP. Their project, The Piezoelectric Effect, was awarded first in team division at the regional level, qualifying it for ISWEEP. The ISWEEP event took place in Houston at the George R. Brown Center and consisted of a weekend filled with activities and banquets, allowing the HSA team the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.

This year their project fits into all three categories of ISWEEP: Energy, Engineering, and Environment (3E) . A 1987 FORD E350XL Ambulance has been donated for the use of converting it into a bio-diesel, solar- powered, mobile DJ machine. The ambulance, affectionately known as Janis the Jam Wagon, belongs to DJ Skdjam Man (Eric Evans), and is currently being used as a mobile DJ vehicle. Janis would like to become a new and improved lean, mean, music-playing machine (ecologically speaking).

Dr. Tony, PhD from the Smart Energy Research Center at Lamar University is the Chief Sustainability Advisor for this project, and will be assisting the two students in converting the engine, ‘cooking’ the bio-diesel, and designing and assembling the solar system. Dr. Tony is currently doing research on fuel cells at Lamar, and specializes in energy to replace the use of fossil fuels. Dr. Tony, aka Solartony, has received many awards for his work, including a prestigious international award from the UN/Unesco.

We Have A Ford Diesel Engine from Ford Motor Company!

Ford has graciously agreed to donate the new Diesel engine! Our team received the following email from Ford Motor Company:

‘We can support providing a 7.3L IDI Econoline engine for the project. Let us know the shipping details so we can get it delivered to the correct location.

Thank you for the opportunity to support the project.’

Our thanks and appreciation from the entire team go to the Ford Motor Company for lending your support to our efforts to promote and disseminate the use and know-how of sustainable and renewable technologies that will be an essential part of our nation and our future. We are looking for certified Ford Diesel mechanics in the area willing to do the installation of the new Diesel engine.

Thanks to Ford Motor Company for your interest and support!!

Link to Solar Ambulance Website Solar Ambulance Cost Estimates

Corbin Morvant - HSA Student Phone: 409.344.1069
Christian Miley - HSA Student Phone: 409.540.9817
Linda Morvant - Parent Phone: 409.344.1023
Eric Evans - Skdjam Man Phone: 409.892.1692
Esmani Begit - HSA Lead Science Teacher Phone: 409.838.4000
Gultekin Kaya - HSA Principal/Administrator Phone: 409.838.4000
Keith Earl - Fox Channel 4 Producer Phone: 409.466.6139

Robby Lynn - AM 1300 KSET Live Host

Phone: 409-898-4400

John Rudzki - AM 1300 KSET Producer Toll Free: 877-898-4499

AM 1300 KSET

5550 Eastex Freeway Suite J

Beaumont, TX 77708

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